Funding for franchisees

£25K to £1m +

Franchise Funding Solutions

The team at NGI Finance are leading independent experts in arranging business finance and producing ‘lender friendly’ business plans for franchisees across the UK. From simple business loans to devising complex packages from a mix of lenders, NGI Finance are here to help you.

Business loans and overdrafts

Sales invoice finance

Vehicle leasing packages

Equipment and fit-out asset finance

Choose NGI Franchise Funding to handle all your
franchise financing requirements

Whether you are a new franchisee getting ready to start trading, or an existing franchisee looking to grow your business, NGI can help.

New franchisee funding package setup and management

Loan/s for Franchise fees, related start-up costs plus property fit outs and refurbishment

Overdrafts or Sales Invoice Finance for boosting working capital

Leasing or HP for vehicles, machinery, equipment and furniture etc

Established franchisees growth funding solutions

Loan/s for expansion and property re-fit and refurbishment

Overdrafts or Sales Invoice Finance for increased working capital and marketing activities

Leasing or HP for vehicles, machinery, equipment and furniture etc

Business Health Warning

Do not try to run your franchise business without a professional business plan and set of integrated financial projections. Why? It would be like setting off on a long journey without knowing if your vehicle was safe, whether you had enough fuel and where you were actually going! The likelihood is that you would break down or get lost and have all sorts of problems along the way.

Our business plan formats will give you a ‘Business SatNav’ to help you set your desired destination (i.e. set and reach your business objectives and financial goals). They will enable you to set signposts along the way to monitor your progress on route.

They are also very helpful in persuading lenders to say ‘Yes’ to your funding requirements and impressing Franchisors to say ‘Yes’ to your request to join their network or to help you to expand into a second or third territory!

We can create a bespoke business plan just for you. Our systems are simple, quick and easy to use.

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