Top Franchising Opportunities

Top franchising opportunities

We live in a world of uncertainty where the only thing we can really be confident about is that change is right around the corner. We could be referring to a change in the weather, or a change in hairstyle or even a change in our personal circumstances. Embracing change is so important especially when it comes to a professional career choice.  More and more people have a desire to get a better work-life balance whilst also fulfilling their dream of becoming a business owner.

The fortunate thing in the current business climate is that there are a number of excellent business opportunities, especially within the franchising sector. As a business investment a franchise is considered one of the safest and most recession-proof opportunities. You are backed by a successful brand, surrounded by a plethora of knowledge and have a business that is proven to be profitable.

Currently there are many opportunities within the franchising market, the following lists some of the current trends:

  • Claims management – a business that support customers making personal claims as a result of property damage, personal injury or environmental issues. The company will handle all the paperwork and administration whilst also liaising directly with relevant organisations.
  • Fitness – offering both the facility and tuition to encourage everybody to improve their health and wellbeing though fitness. An ideal choice for anybody who has a passion for fitness along with a desire to help and support others.
  • Fragrance shops – having a retail outlet when you can produce fragrances and aroma’s for selling to the generical public. This can include designer and consumer fragrances along with personal care products such as soap, deodorant and shampoo.
  • Bakery – surround yourself with a facility where you can produce and sell cakes, cookies, donuts, pastries and many more enjoyable treats that will put a smile and the consumers face. The ideal franchise for anybody who has a sweet treat and loves home baking.
  • Greeting cards and gifts – giving you either an online sales outlet or a physical retail sales outlet for selling greeting cards, gift wrapping and party goods. All products are purchased from a wholesaler, you simply sell the products and collect the profits.
  • Quick service retail – the original franchising opportunity, a fast-food outlet offering some of the nation’s most favourite and convenient food and drink delights.

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