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What does a franchisor ask of a franchisee?

When you have built up a successful business and decide the time is right to go down the franchising route, arguably the most challenging task will be to find the right franchisees. The process is very similar to when you are looking for new employees, you want a person that you can trust, that has the same work ethic and someone who will be successful.

Ultimately it is your brand they are representing and therefore you need to make sure that they become an asset to you and not a barrier to your growth. To help further with this, the following are some of the key questions that should be asked:

1. What is important from a potential franchisee?

A dedicated, hardworking business professional that has excellent communication skills is the standard. Alongside these other things to look at would be experience, specific skills and knowledge.

2. How are new franchisees trained?

They will be put through a dedicated induction period with extensive on the job training and time spent with other franchisees. They will be supported during the initial start-up phase and provided with any assistance they might need throughout their business ownership.

3. What can you offer in terms of work-life balance?

You become your own boss, you manage your work schedules in and around your family commitments. You have complete flexibility.

4. What long term support do you offer?

The benefit of investing in a franchise is that you are backed by a large infrastructure, experts are on hand whenever you need them. Not only that but you can also reach out to other franchisees.

5. What are your long-term plans?

Both the franchisee and the franchisor are investing in the longer term. The franchisor will continue to support their existing franchisee’s whilst also introducing new franchisee’s. The franchisee will continue to grow their business

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