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Advantage of buying a franchise

Any new entrepreneur will have a big decision to make from the outset of their business ownership journey. Do they set-up a brand-new business from scratch or do they look at buying a franchise. The following are what we see as the key benefits for purchasing a franchise:

  • The business model is already proven to work and you will have a network of franchisees to access for support purposes. You can also get a good gauge of how successful the business can be and over what sort of time scale.
  • As part of a franchise group, you will be given full training both at the start-up phase and on an ongoing basis. You can be supported every step of the way in your journey as business owner.
  • Becoming part of an established brand can often result in immediate access to customers. It can also help when applying for business finance as the lender can recognise the brand and evaluate the performance of other similar businesses trading in different areas.
  • You become your own boss, you can the shape the business to how you would like it, you can also work the hours you need. You work as hard as you need to in order to make the business as successful as you want.
  • You can call upon business specialists as and when you need them. Ongoing support is available via telephone or e-mail and you can also have access to company intranet sites which will hold business documents, templates and many useful resources.
  • Becoming part of a national infrastructure means you can have access to corporate marketing teams who can help to promote the business on a larger scale and provide all the necessary marketing collateral.
  • Through the provision of a centralised purchasing facilities, you can take advantage of heavily discounted products. You can also have access to goods which on occasion could be difficult to openly purchase.
  • Taking on a franchisee can give you a new sense of purpose, you can take pride in running your own business, reaping the rewards of becoming a successful business owner.

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