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The importance of discovery days

Discovery days are an important business tool for any prospective investor, allowing them to learn more about new franchise opportunities. Franchisors will use discovery days as part of their recruitment process. Getting potential business owners in 1 place, networking with other like minded professionals, giving them a captive audience with the ability to promote why they should become part of this franchise network.

A discovery day will be packed with staff from the franchisor, it will give any potential business owner an experience of what the working culture is like and how the staff conduct themselves. To be able to identify if the business suits your personality and values along with creating a positive working environment is vitally important.

Typically a discover day will be attended by entrepreneurs who have been researching suitable business options and have narrowed down their selections. They also massively help the franchisor to see its potential franchisee in a business environment, they can evaluate how they behave and also use it as part of their interview process. Many good solid business relationships can be built through attendance at a discovery day.

People should not confuse a discovery day with the ability to do a sales pitch about the benefits of their business. People are attending because they have a real interest in becoming part of a successful brand so they don’t need to be sold too. Instead they want to get a real understanding of the business and most importantly the people who can support them in their journey of becoming a successful business owner. The discovery day will often be held at the headquarters of the business but could also include a visit to a local franchisee.

The focus of these types of event is solely to provide the attendees with a discovery of business positivity.

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