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The benefit of a healthy cashflow

One of the first items we recommend for any new franchise (and in fact any new business) is to ensure that you have a healthy cashflow. There will always be some form of expenditure that has not been budgeted or accounted for so having a safety net in the form of available cash is vitally important.

Some entrepreneurs will have a large amount of disposable cash which gives them the necessary cash buffer, but the majority will not have that luxury. Therefore, rather than an individual having to use their own cash we always recommend taking out some form of financial lending at the outset. Yes, there will be fees and interest to pay but with all the flexible lending solutions available getting a finance facility set-up early can be a major advantage.

The first 6 months of any new business can be exhausting and often revenue generated will not always be as high as expected, trying to then apply for business finance can be tricky, lenders want to see a profitable start which is not always the case. Delaying the application could in fact result with the inability to secure necessary funding.

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